Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dunk n' Clunk Shape Sorter by Sassy

This is a great first shape sorting toy for infants starting as young as 6-8 months of age! The rings and rattle fit through all of the slots in the top of the container, but little ones need to learn how to rotate their hands to get the rings through in certain directions. These different options of how to put the rings in promote fine motor development. If your baby isn't interested in using the slots, the lid comes off of the top of the container and the rings can simply be dropped in. Additionally, the rings are a great texture for chewing, so children can use this as a teething toy as well. Strengths: Everything! It's a wonderful and engaging toy that will keep baby busy for a long time. It's a toy they will come back to for many months. Weaknesses: None that the babies and toddlers I work with have discovered. Price: $8 - $10. Where to Buy: Target stores typically carry Sassy toys, but this is also available through Babies R Us and Amazon.

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