Sunday, October 4, 2009

Amazing Animals Press & Go Farm Truck by Fisher Price

This is a cute toy with a great cause-effect concept - push the cow and watch the truck zoom across the floor. Like many of the other Amazing Animals toys by Fisher Price, this one has a pig whose head and legs click when moved and a sheep that makes sounds when you shake it. When the cow is pushed down one of three auditory effects happens: a short song plays, the cow moos, or the sound of a truck starting plays. Strengths: The cow is very easy to push down so children with all different levels of motor skills can make this toy work fairly easily. Weaknesses: The truck does not work well on anything but a hard floor surface. Even on very short, tightly woven carpet the truck doesn't travel forward. On hard floor surfaces it works a bit better, but still doesn't move as far as other toys that follow the same cause-effect principle. Price: $27-$30. Where to Buy: This can be purchased at the on-line Toys-R-Us store ( or at

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