Sunday, October 18, 2009

Puzzle Stacker by P'kolino

This is an excellent variation on standard stacking ring toys that is appropriate for toddlers (1 year+) and preschoolers alike. It has a heavy wooden base with a wide dowel running up the centre to hold the rings in place. Each of the rings can be taken apart to form two separate rings - a colourful one and the other with a natural wood finish. The toy is designed to help children develop fine motor skills (fitting the rigs together and stacking), develop spatial logic (fitting the rings together in different configurations), and learn colour and size concepts. Strengths: This is a very durable toy that will last for many years and play sessions to come. Weaknesses: Because the toy is made of a heavy wood it wouldn't be appropriate if your child was still in the "I'll throw everything" phase. Price: $34. Where to Buy: This is the type of toy that would be available through most specialty toy shops, but it can also be purchased on-line through Barnes and Nobel ( or Amazon (

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