Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox

This is an elegantly simple book that teaches the lesson that no matter where babies are born they all share the common feature of "Ten little fingers and ten little toes." The text of the book is written in the language of infants and toddlers: repetition and rhyme (e.g., There was one little baby who was born far away. And another who was born on the very next day. And both of these babies, as everyone knows, had ten little fingers and ten little toes). Mem Fox also incorporates some interesting vocabulary into the book as a way of helping language understanding to grow. The illustrations are simple and lovely and serve as the perfect setting for the delightful text. This is a delightful book that should be in the library of every child. The only drawback of the book is that it is much to large for little hands to manage - but hopefully a board version will come out sometime in the near future.

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