Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tumblin' Sounds Giraffe by Fisher Price

This is a simple and fun "drop and dump" toy for infants and toddlers. The giraffe comes with four jungle themed peek-a-blocks that you drop through an opening on the giraffe's head. They tumble down his neck and when they hit the bottom a very short little song plays accompanied by animal sounds. You can then open a small door between the giraffe's feet and the blocks come tumbling out. Strengths: This is popular with children who are at the age where they like to explore toys by dropping things into containers. There is a fairly quick pay-off for the dropping action and the blocks are a good size for small hands to grip. Weaknesses: After awhile the trap door between the giraffe's feet falls open with even the slightest touch. The blocks fall out easily and this tends to spoil the fun of being able to open the door and have all four blocks fall out all at once. Price: $12 - $17. Where to Buy: This toy is no longer available through places like Fisher Price or Toys R Us, but a few can be found on Check out local consignment shops or yard sales to find this cute giraffe.

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