Sunday, October 4, 2009

Handle Haulers by Little Tikes

This is a strong and durable little truck that is designed for use by older infants and toddlers. The truck box is large enough for other smaller cars to fit inside and these toys can be easily dumped out of opening in the back of the truck. Strengths: The truck is a good size for little hands and it is constructed to be long lasting. Weaknesses: The truck flips ups easily when pushed and can cause bumps and scrapes on little faces. Additionally, the truck box doesn't always flip up when pulled on by a young child. This is especially problematic when a child has reached the "I'll do it myself" stage of development, because it can become frustrating for them. Price: $35-$39. Where to Buy: Donnie the Dump Truck (pictured) and other Handle Hauler toys are available through, but can often be found in consignment shops for a much lower price.

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