Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shape Sorter Curioso by Haba

This is a unique and very interesting shape sorting toy that is appropriate for toddlers who want more of a challenge of more than simply a circle, square, and triangle. The cloth box has two flaps that open easily to retrieve the wooden shapes stored inside. The 8 shapes include 2 circles, 2 triangles (of different sizes), 1 square, 1 oval, 1 circular cog, and 1 octagon. The unique shapes also offer some interesting sensory experiences for young children, including, rattles, kaleidoscopes, mirrors, and other shiny surfaces to explore. Strengths: The unique nature of the shapes really provides lots of learning opportunities for toddlers and even preschoolers. Weaknesses: Because the shape box is constructed out of a stitched material rather than a molded plastic, some of the shapes can be a little difficult to fit into their designated holes (e.g., it's a bit difficult to fit the cog and octagon through the circle hole - they're just a little bit big. However, they will go in if you are persistent). Price: $40-$54. Where to Buy: Haba toys can be ordered through specialty toy shops, but can also be purchased on-line through Moolka toys ( and of course through Amazon (

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