Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Giant Peg Board by Discovery Toys

This is a great first peg board for children 18 months to preschool age. The large easy to grip pieces fit easily into the wide holes and are great for encouraging fine motor development. A newer version of the toy includes 25 pegs of different colours and shapes, so you can do matching as well as simple stacking activities. The company also puts out and Activity Pack for the pegboard that can be purchased separately. It contains 25 round pegs (shown), lace, and an activity guide book for parents. Strengths: This is a versatile toy that will be fun for your child for a long time and it's very durable (I've had mine for about 15 years). The play value is excellent for the money spent. It's also noteworthy that the pegs are large enough that they don't pose a choking hazard to young children. Weaknesses: Depending upon how you're using the toy the pegs can be difficult to keep track of and are easy to lose. Price: The Giant Pegboard: $18.50 (through Discovery Toys). The Activity Pack: $8.50 (through Discovery Toys). Where to Buy: Discovery Toys are most readily available through private home toy parties (like a Pampered Chef party but for toys) and you can find representatives at the Discovery Toys website You can also purchase toys on-line at the Discovery Toys website. Additionally, you can find some of the toys through on-line stores like Amazon.

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  1. The refreshed $20 model of the Discovery Toys classic, Giant Pegboard, not only comes with the 5 different shaped pegs, as you describe, but to extend the age range through primary school, we added 12 two-sided pattern cards that offer activities for both sides of the board, including the geoboard on the reverse.