Monday, October 5, 2009

Chatter Telephone by Fisher Price

Toddlers love to talk on the phone! This colourful little phone is actually based on the classic Fisher Price phone that was available a number of years ago. The updated version has many of the same features: a dial that rings, eyes that move up and down when the phone is pulled, and a receiver that's just the right size for little hands. Strengths: It's a great pull toy that helps to support imaginative play. Weaknesses: The cord that goes from the receiver to the phone is so short that even very young children need to pick up the entire toy to talk on the phone. I'm sure this adjustment was made to the toy to eliminate a choking hazard, but the pull cord at the front of the phone is extremely long and could just as easily choke a child. Price: $10-$12. Where to Buy: Any store that carries Fisher Price toys will have some version of the Chatter Phone.

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