Sunday, October 18, 2009

No, David by David Shannon

This is the first in a delightful series of David books. This book follows the misadventures of a little boy named David who is always being told "No!" He chews with his mouth open, plays with his food, jumps on the bed, picks his nose, and tracks mud on the carpet to name only a few of his mishaps. The text is very simple (only a few words per page) and revolves around different ways of telling David not to do something. The story ends with David's Mummy telling him that she still loves him, a fitting end to a mishap filled day! Most adults don't find the pictures appealing but children seem to love them. David is an endearing little fellow who will quickly work his way into your regular reading routine. Where to Buy: David books are fairly popular, so should be easy to find through most children's book sellers.

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