Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alphabet Nesting & Stacking Blocks by Melissa & Doug

Stacking and nesting toys are great favourites for most toddlers. This set of alphabet blocks is beautifully illustrated and light enough for little children to handle easily. Each cube (except the 'z' cube) features two or three alphabet letters with whimsical drawings of items beginning with those letters. The blocks, which can be stacked into a 3 foot tall tower by letter, colour, or size, come in a handy carrying case that let's you store all of them in a single box. Strengths: These cubes are light and easy to manipulate and have a laminated wipe clean surface for easy cleaning. Weaknesses: Because these are made of cardboard they aren't that durable and will wear out quickly if your child likes to knock them over or use them in a rough manner. Price: $9-$10. Where to Buy: Melissa & Doug Toys are available at Toys R Us, but can also be found at their online store (, or at Amazon (

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