Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brightlings Stackers by Leap Frog

This is a cute, but not very exciting, addition to the Brightling family of toys. The set of three little cups sit on top of a base that lights up when you push down on it. Strengths: The cups are a good size for little hands (9 months+) to grasp. The cups work well as nesting toys (putting one inside the other). Weaknesses: Based on my experience with the toy the weaknesses far out weigh the strengths. The cups are difficult to stack securely because the base of each cup is wavy, so there is a lot of frustration for little ones when attempting to stack the toy. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the base of the toy lights up, but you can make it light just by touching it, the cups don't even need to be involved in the play. If you're looking for a good stacking toy, there are betters ones than this out there. Price: $20 - $25. Where to Buy: The Stackers are a little bit hard to find because they aren't available in lots of toy stores, but you can of course find them online or through eBay.

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