Sunday, June 13, 2010

Roll-a-Rounds Pull & Spin Caterpillar by Fisher Price

This is a great addition to the roll-a-rounds line of toys by Fisher Price. The caterpillar comes with three clear plastic balls that have movable pieces inside of them. When you pull the caterpillar, the balls move around and the little objects spin and wobble. Strengths: The toy is easy to pull across different floor surfaces and the balls are large enough for little hands to easily manipulate. Weaknesses: Since the balls are not contained under a plastic dome, they fall off of the toy easily which can become frustrating for children and adults alike. There is a plastic cover that comes as part of the packaging and I kept that on mine for quite a long time, until someone sat on it and crushed it (yes it was me!) Price: $25-$30. Where to Buy: This is a toy that actually came out several years ago but it's still available through eBay and Amazon.

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