Monday, June 7, 2010

One Yellow Lion by Matthew Van Fleet

One Yellow Lion is a great lift-the-flap book that is designed to help little ones learn about simple counting and number concepts between 1 and 10. The illustrations that accompany each number are really ingenious, because the number is actually Incorporated into a part of the animal's body. For example, on the page for five blue whales, the number 5 makes up part of the mouth of the largest whale. Children not only enjoy the predictability of the counting concepts, but they also seem to enjoy making the sounds for the animals as they are revealed. This is a very simple book that gets a big reception every time I bring it out for the younger children I work with. Where to Buy: Although this is an "old" book (it was published in 1992) it remains extremely popular so you can still find it in all kinds of stores that sell books for young children.

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