Monday, June 7, 2010

Mini Wheel Pals: Train Fleet by Tonka

Think of these as Hot Wheels for toddlers! These chunky soft plastic vehicles are the perfect size for little hands to crash, drive, and push over all types of surfaces. The wheels are also made of a softer plastic, so they are easier on furniture than other small cars that children enjoy. There are actually several different sets of these five vehicle (I lost one of mine) collections including the Round Town Fleet, the Rescue Fleet, and the Construction Fleet. The cars are small enough to be easily portable but big enough not to pose a choking hazard for young children. They also come in larger versions that are fun for older children to play with. Strengths: The attachments for the wheels are actually hidden in the toys so little toddler fingers can't easily pull the wheels off. Weaknesses: None that any of the children I've used them with have been able to find. Price: $19 -$20 for a set of five small cars. Where to Buy: These are available at most major toy retailers as well as stores like Target and WalMart.

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