Sunday, June 6, 2010

Learning Fun Tool Box by V Tech

This is a fun, interactive toy for children between the ages of 12 -30 months. The toolbox comes with four detachable tools, and produces realistic sounds when you use these tools to pound, cut, and turn. There are nails to hammer, screws to turn, and a special slot that lets you cut with the saw. The toy focuses on teaching colour, number, and shape concepts. Strengths: Even thought the toy is designed to teach early academic skills, it's a great toy for interactive social play as well. Weaknesses: The tool box closes and has a nice handle for carrying it, but unfortunately three of the four tools won't fit inside when you close the lid, so it's easy to lose the pieces. Price: $19 -$22. Where to Buy: I've seen this toy in a variety of different stores including Target, Toys R Us, specialty toy shops, and naturally all over the web. Just google it to ensure that you get it at a good price.

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