Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brightlings Exploration Station by Leap Frog

Home to Bobblers, Tumble Tunnel, Babbling Bandshell, Rainbow Balcony, and Alphabet Alley, the Brightlings Exploration Station offers a world of exciting activities for young children. This toy has two different modes, toddler and baby, which you activate by turning the green part on the top to hide the number or reveal them. In baby mode children can drop the brightling playpals in through the top and they come to the bottom which triggers music. In fact, just about every action on the toy triggers a song, except for the open/close gate and the yellow/blue/red tags you pull. When the toy is in toddler mode it will tell you how to say hello and goodbye in German, French, Japanese, Spanish, and English when you open/close the gate. You can move the tab around the ABC's so it sings the ABC song. It will also sing a number song when you drop the pals into the chute. Strengths: It's a fun toy to explore and you can easily use it with the other Brightlings play sets. Weaknesses: There is actually a HUGE weakness with this toy. It clearly states on the box that children under three years should not use it because of choking hazards on small parts, but the toy is obviously marketed for a much younger audience. It has a baby and a toddler mode, not a preschooler mode. This is a fun toy to play with, but you need to keep a very close eye on your little one when he or she uses it. Price: $20 - $30. Where to Buy: The toy was widely available about three years ago, but now you can only find them on sites like eBay or through online toy retailers.

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