Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amazing Animals Press & Go Cheetah & Crocodile by Fisher Price

Infants and toddlers really enjoy cause-effect toys, and these two cute little critters from Fisher Price don't disappoint. When you push down on the birds that sit on the back of the crocodile, his mouth opens and closes as he zooms across the floor. When the turtle that sits on the cheetah's back is pushed down, the cheetah's tail wags and clicks as it rolls along. Strengths: These toys don't require batteries and they work well on a variety of floor surfaces. Weaknesses: For young children it can be difficult to push down the birds and turtle that make the toy go. This can lead to some frustration so they are best used if an adult or older child joins in the play. Price: $14 - $20 (each animal is sold separately and the crocodile is usually the more expensive of the two). Where to Buy: Most recently I've seen the cheetah at stores like Toys R' Us, but I've only been able to find the crocodile online.

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