Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Smile, Baby by Charlotte Stowell & Phil Babb

This is another heavy gauge cardboard board lift-the-flap book that stands up well to little fingers that like to pull and tear at pages. The concept of the book is a simple one: each page starts out with an action that the child can imitate and then under a flap shows a picture of an animal that emulates the action the child has performed. For example, "Reach up high, baby... as tall as a.... (lift the flap) Giraffe!" There are five full spread pages in the book, each with a different action and animal for older infants and toddlers to explore. I like the book because it gives young children some practice with following simple directions involving body movements as well as helping them develop an understanding of the characteristics of different animals. Where to Buy: Most large children's book sellers carry this book or you can always find it on Amazon.

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