Monday, June 7, 2010

Stack and Smile Crocodile by Fisher Price

If your little one likes blocks this toy is probably a good bet for you. The crocodile comes with 4 or 5 peek-a-blocks (blocks with little animals an objects inside of them) that can be stored inside the crocodile when the toy is not being played with. The blocks stack fairly easily on the crocodile's back and because they have a bristle-block texture on them they tend to stay stuck together pretty well. Strengths: The blocks are a nice size for little hands and the crocodile makes cute sounds when you put the blocks in the mouth or in the storage space on it's back. Weaknesses: The storage space on the crocodile's back doesn't latch, so the blocks spill out easily unless you keep the toy on a level surface. Price: Because this toy has been off of the market for a little while you can buy it used for about $10 - $12 online at Amazon, or if you want a new one you could pay up to about $70 (in my opinion, a bit over priced for the overall quality and play value of the toy). When it first came out it was priced between about $25 - $30. Where to Buy: Amazon or other online toy sellers.

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