Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tumble 'n Twirl Top by Playskool

This toy is simple fun at its best for infants and toddlers starting at about 8 months of age! The brightly coloured, pump action toy keeps little ones interested as they push the plunger down to make the balls spin quickly around. If the balls are spun fast enough, they actually pop out of the spout on the top of the happy face. Another great feature of the toy is that the clear plastic cover on the front of the toy slides open and closed so the balls can be removed without having to shake the toy . Strengths: This is a very durable little toy that doesn't require any batteries. It's very easy for young children to operate and can be used for solitary play as well as more social games. Weaknesses: The toy is made primarily out of a hard plastic, which makes it easy to clean, but there are three little pieces of crinkly fabric at the top of the spout that can only be spot cleaned. Price: $16 - $21. Where to Buy: Like most Playskool toys the Tumble 'n Twirl Top is available at most major retailers that carry a wide selection of children's toys.

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