Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tangiball by Discovery Toys

Balls are always a popular play choice for toddlers and the Tangiball is one of the MOST popular one's that I've used. This ball is interesting for infants and toddlers of all ages! Currently the Tangiball is not listed in the Discovery Toys ( on-line catalog, but it is available through Strengths: This ball is packed with sensory experiences for infants and toddlers alike, It's nubby texture and vanilla scent make it a fun toy to experience on several levels. I've had one for about 16 years and it still smells really good! Weaknesses: The plastic of the ball will become cloudy after a few years, but this doesn't detract from its overall play value.

1 comment:

  1. Vanilla-scented Tangiball is back! Because you're not the only one who loves it, we added BIG Tangiball, the strawberry red, strawberry-scented big sister to turquoise Tangiball.