Monday, August 17, 2009

Bee Bop Band by Parents

Children and music seem to be inseparable. Band sets let toddlers explore shaking, pounding, clapping, and squeezing while making lots of new noises. The Bee Bop Band comes with 5 different instruments: a drum and 2 drumsticks; a lady bug xylophone; a bumble bee maraca; a worm tambourine; and an ant bell shaker. Strengths: All of the instruments fit into the drum and the lid is a fairly tight fit so a toddler could have some difficulty getting in to it (which means no unwanted concerts when you a trying to grab just a couple of seconds of sleep!). Weaknesses: Although instruments can be a great deal of fun, a couple of those in the Bee Bop Band Set (the ant bell shaker and the worm tambourine) are very loud and can startle some children if they are sensitive to unexpected, loud noises.

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