Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Push n' Go Mother & Baby Giraffe by Bruin

This is a simple toy that is great for "on-the-go" toddlers. Basically, the toy works by pushing the head of the mother giraffe down, making the wheeled legs open like a pair of scissors. When you let go of the head, mother and baby roll across the floor. The toy moves fairly quickly, so little feet get lots of practice chasing it. It also requires the child to use both hands to operate the toy - one hand to stabilize it and the other to push the mother's head down. Although Toys R' Us carries Bruin toys, I've never seen this particular toy at stores in the U.S. The website for Fat Brain Toys,, carries the toy on occasion. Strengths: It's a fun, colourful toy that both toddlers and infants can enjoy - infants by watching and toddlers by chasing. Also it's reasonably priced so it offers good play value for the money you'll spend. Weaknesses: It is difficult to find and younger toddlers can become frustrated with a toy that requires them to use both hands to operate in.

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