Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dinosaur Ball Pit by K's Kids

Balls are always a popular toy for older infants and toddlers. A new twist for playing with balls can involve using a "ball pit". The K's Kids Dino Ball Pit is a wonderful plush dinosaur that zips open and closed as a means of storing the balls neatly away. The dinosaur is covered with spots and scales made of crinkly, soft, smooth and reflective fabrics that will keep young children interested in play for a long time. Strengths: Because it is made of soft fabrics the ball pit is great for promoting social games with your child. Tossing balls in and out, playing peek-a-boo over the side of the ball pit, or giving baby a ride by gently pushing or pulling the ball pit for short distances are all fun ways to spend time together. It's also fully machine washable. Weaknesses: The balls that come with the pit are very light weight and can therefore be easily crushed or dented.

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