Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ball Party Roll Around Tower by Tomy

This toy is a highly popular one for the majority of toddlers. This is because it incorporates several activities that they enjoy: dropping something down a chute, watching it reappear at the bottom of the tower, and having balls to throw and roll independently of the other functions of the toy! The tower is easy to store because it comes apart into five separate, smaller pieces. This is also a nice feature of the toy because you can make the tower shorter if your child is having difficulty reaching or maintaining balance when he or she is putting the ball in the top of the tower. The ball tower pictured is about 7 years old and there is an updated version of the toy out there, but the basic premise of both is the same. Strengths: Great play value for the money spent. It holds the attention of toddlers for a long period of time and they tend to come back to it time-after-time to play some more. Weaknesses: When built to it's full height the tower is a little wobbly for young children who need to hold on to it when they place the ball down the chute.

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