Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stack, Flap, and Tumble by Yookidoo

Dropping things into buckets and stacking objects are activities that can keep toddlers busy for a long time. With this in mind the concept behind Stack, Flap, and Tumble is a good one. This 5-piece stacking tower comes with three brightly coloured balls and wings on the side of three of the stacking cubes. When a ball is dropped down a circular chute (formed by holes in the centre of each cube) the wings flap and a musical tune is activated when the ball hits the bottom piece. Strengths: The balls are just the right size for little hands and toddlers enjoy shaking, dropping, throwing, rolling, and mouthing them. Weaknesses: Most of the toddlers I've used this toy with seem to lose interest after dropping a ball down the chute once or twice, so the play value is not great when compared to the cost of the toy. Also, the flapping action on the wings isn't that dramatic, so visually the toy doesn't seem to keep the attention of a busy toddler for an especially long period of time.

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