Monday, August 17, 2009

Moo Sounds Milk & Cookies by Fisher Price

This is a classic dump and drop toy. You dump the cookies out of the bottle and then drop them back inside. It may not sound like a great deal of fun to adults but trust me babies love to do this. By about 8-9 months of age the idea of dropping and dumping predominates a baby's way of playing. This toy offers 5 brightly coloured plastic "cookies" that are easy for little fingers to explore and manipulate, as well as a nice wide opening on the top of the milk jug that the cookies easily fit through. There is also a nice surprise for baby when he or she dumps the milk jug over - it makes a mooing sound (a little distorted, but a moo none-the-less). Strengths: This toy will be a favourite for a long time. It is flexible enough to move from simple games such as dumping & pouring, to more sophisticated games like sorting/identifying colours and numbers, and finally can be used as part of simple symbolic play activities (e.g., having a tea party for stuffed animals) as your child gets even older. Weaknesses: As mentioned earlier, the moo sounds fairly artificial, but adults will be bothered by this more than children.

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