Saturday, August 15, 2009

Swap n' Go Musical Snail by Yookidoo

This is one of my favourite and most popular toys for children between the ages of 6-15 months. There is a three pronged "button" on the snail's tail that when pushed starts a song and lets the snail roll forward. When the snail moves the rattle on it's back rolls along with it. The toy comes with two interchangeable rattles. Both are interesting, but the one pictured next to the snail has a squeaky push button and can be taken apart and turned into a stacking toy. Strengths: The toy is easy to operate, so little fingers can easily push the button and make it go. Since it moves at a fairly slow pace it's a great toy to help young children develop visual tracking skills and can be a great distraction for babies who don't enjoy tummy time. Weaknesses: The only drawback of this toy is that there isn't an on/off switch - anytime you bump the tail the song starts to play, so it can become a little annoying for adults.

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