Monday, August 17, 2009

Discovery Knock Knock Blocks by The Discovery Store

These wonderful blocks will allow your toddler to explore different textures, sounds, and pictures, and will keep his or her attention for months to come. You can find Knock Knock Blocks at the Discovery Store, but I have usually found them at their online store Once you reach their home page, enter "knock knock" in the Search box and click GO. Strengths: They are easy for little hands to grip and manipulate and the door and windows on each block are actually flaps that hide other pictures. Weaknesses: The fact that the blocks are made out of fabric and spend a lot of time being chewed on by younger children, have caused parents to express concerns about cleaning difficulties. I wipe mine off with a warm, damp cloth or even a Clorox wipe and have never had any difficulty with stains or germ contamination.

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