Sunday, August 23, 2009

NUK Massage Brush by Gerber

This may not be a toy in the traditional sense, but it is by far one of the best teething "toys" that I've ever found. Sadly not many families seem to know about it, so here it is. The NUK massage brush is approximately 4 inches long, made of a durable plastic and malleable rubber, and has a bumpy end that is just the right size for older infants (8-9 months+) and toddlers to mouth during those nasty teething times. You can find NUK massage brushes on Strengths: According to Gerber this brush s a great way to get young children used to using a toothbrush. It's probably very effective on that front, but it's also also an excellent teether. Weaknesses: This isn't really a weakness, but given the age of the children interested in using a NUK brush, it must only be used under adult supervision.

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