Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pick Me Up: Fun Songs for Learning Signs by Sign 2 Me

If you are interested in teaching your infant or toddler to use sign language this is a fun and worthwhile resource. There are 20 different songs in the song book, which is accompanied by a CD/DVD that you can play on a PC or Mac CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive. You can also play it on a regular CD player. The songs are all performed in different styles of music that are appealing to adults and children alike. For example, the song "Please Change My Diapers" is actually performed in the style of Frank Sinatra! You can purchase the song book through a local bookstore or directly from the Sign 2 Me company at The website also offers a great selection of other signing resources. Strengths: The music is engaging and makes learning sign language fun for both parent and child. If you were to actually learn all 20 songs you would have a signed vocabulary of approximately 160 single word signs and 40 simple phrases/word combinations. Weaknesses: Some families have stated that they don't like the drawings of the signs that accompany the songs, but there are great live demonstrations on the accompanying CD/DVD.

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