Friday, December 10, 2010

Shake and Stack Vehicles - Stacking Farm Animals by Fisher Price

If you are looking for a fun and simple "first toy" for a young child this is definitely one that's worth a look. Even though the toy is designed to be stacked, which is beyond the motor capabilities of very young children, each piece is fun to use all on its' own. The cow has a jingle bell, the pig squeaks when you push it's nose, the chicken rattles, and the tractor is just fun for older infants and toddlers to push back-and-forth. What's nice about the Stacking Farm Animals Toy is that the ways it can be played with actually change as children get a bit older and develop better fine motor skills. Initially the toy really is a simple cause-effect toy, where babies can poke, shake, and squeak their favourite animals. Once they get a bit older they can stack the animals on top of the tractor and take them all for a ride. Because each animal has two sturdy bristle-block like surfaces, the animals can be put together in many different ways as children learn to explore size concepts. Overall, a fun little toy!

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