Saturday, December 4, 2010

Building Blocks Sevilla by Haba

This is my largest set of Haba blocks. There are 25 unique shapes with creative designs on each of the pieces. As usual, they are made out of beech wood and decorated with a non-toxic solvent-free dye. There are some of the blocks that contain a rattle, bell, mirror, magnifier, peephole, and prism. Like all Haba block sets these are beautifully crafted and can stand up to chewing, throwing, dropping, and just about everything else an active toddler can throw at them! They are great size for a toddler's hand and some of the larger pieces are actually quite easy to stack. Whenever I use them, I'm always reminded of how much fun play can be when using just a basic, simple toy. They are a bit expensive (about $60- $70) but the quality of each piece is worth the extra price. I've had mine for some time now and have found them to be extremely durable and highly popular with children of all ages.

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