Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little People Zoo Train by Fisher Price

This is a great first train for young explorers (9 months+)! The train consists of three cars that can be easily attached/detached from one another and the animals are a great size for little hands to hold. When you push down on the animals, a song plays. What makes this piece one of their best is the movement of the pieces when the train is pushed around. The giraffe spins in a circle, two other animals are able to tetter- totter and the parrot (I've lost my parrot and replaced it with a peacock, but it still works just wonderfully) swings back and forth on his perch. Children seem to enjoy putting the train together in different combinations and like to include animals from other Fisher Price sets in their play. The pieces are bright and don't seem to fade. This is also a toy that is very easy to wash.

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