Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cordoba Blocks by Haba

This 16 piece block set is made out of beech wood are painted vibrant colours that seem to be appealing to children and parents alike! The blocks contain a rattle, bell, mirror, and prism features, which are very popular with young explorers! The shapes of the blocks are fairly unique and while you don't get a lot of blocks for your money (they cost about $35 for the set) they are certainly worth it because of their durability and overall play value. This set is also nice because it can be incorporated into other Haba building sets quite easily. I've used my set quite a bit for the past year and they still look great and I find that they are popular with children at all different ages! The building possibilities are endless for older children and the bells and mirrors hold special appeal for young children (12 months+).

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