Friday, December 10, 2010

Pets Jumbo Puzzle by Melissa and Doug

Just like all of the other Melissa and Doug Jumbo wooden puzzles this is a wonderful one for older infants and toddlers. The pieces are large, the knobs easy to grasp, and the pictures are big, bold, and beautiful! The pieces are easy for young children to remove from the puzzle board and even if they aren't able to get the pieces back into the right spots, there's still fun to be had by matching the pictures to one another and making fun animal sounds. I really like that Melissa and Doug do "theme" puzzles (pets, farm animals, fish bowl, etc.) because it's a wonderful way to help young children learn about categorizing and similarities/differences. I have found these puzzles to be extremely durable and don't hesitate to use them with children who still like to chew or mouth toys. I've heard some complaints that the pictures will peel off of the wooden backings after awhile, but I've never encountered those kinds of difficulties.

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