Saturday, December 4, 2010

Handy Manny's Talking Tool Box by Fisher Price

This busy little tool box is popular with a wide range of children at different ages. It comes with Pat, Turner, Dusty, Stretch, Felipe, Squeeze, and Rusty and when the Manny button on the front of the box it pushed, the tools come to life! They sing, "Hop Up, Jump In", "dance", and say handy tool phrases like "Let's get to work!" The tools are a great size for little hands and I've found that the children I work with like to incorporate the toys into all kinds of other play activities (e.g., fixing the tires on a car and building a play doh house to name only a few). The only draw back is that the music on the toy is a little bit on the loud side and since there is no volume control button - you get Manny full blast at all times! I've taken the batteries out a few times when I just couldn't take the singing any more and for the most part the children I work with still loved the toy and didn't seem to miss the sound.

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