Friday, November 27, 2009

Spin & Spill Cement Truck by Fisher Price

This cement truck comes with three large, hard plastic balls that spin in the "cement mixer" when the lever is pulled down. The wheels click and the spinner on top of the cab of the truck makes a beeping sound when spun. Strengths: The truck is a good size for older infants and toddlers and is easy to push across a hard surfaced floor. The balls are great for shaking and throwing. Weaknesses: The "cement mixer" on the back of the truck tips over very easily if even a small amount of weight is placed on it. Also, the lever that you pull to make the mixer spin snaps back quickly and can easily pinch little fingers. Price: $25- $30. Where to Buy: This toy isn't widely available, but is still available through Amazon ( I've also sen it at discount retailers such as Big Lots.

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