Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Crib to Floor Lion Mirror by Fisher Price

Babies love to look at their own faces, so unbreakable mirrors of any type will keep them entertained for long periods of time. This mirror by Fisher Price is one that is designed to be safely used as both a crib mirror and a free standing one during activities like tummy time. The lion's "feet" each offer a different sensory activity for babies to explore: two are hard rattles, one is a soft squeaker, and the last is a soft jingle rattle. Strengths: It's a cute portable mirror that is easy to take with you wherever you and baby go. Babies seem to really enjoy playing with the lion's feet. Weaknesses: The kickstand on the back of the mirror that is supposed to hold it upright when sitting on the floor doesn't work all that effectively - mine is always falling over unless I prop it up against something. Also, the surface of the mirror is small and the felt mane of the lion covers some of that surface, so it's hard to see more than one face in the mirror at a time. Price: $14-$17 Where to Buy: Toys R Us carries this mirror and it can also be purchased through online sellers like Amazon.

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