Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Peek-a-Blocks Shape Sorter by Fisher Price

This is a well made, durable shape sorter that is very popular with older infants and toddlers. The four large shapes are easy for little hands to grip and the points on the star actually have a nice teething texture on them! Whenever something is dropped into the box a musical tune briefly plays, so babies who like music will enjoy this feature. Strengths: The shapes fit easily into their corresponding holes and are easy to drop into the top of the open box. Most little children also enjoy dumping toys out of the box as well. Weaknesses: The only flaw with the toy that I've found is that the handle can pinch little fingers when children are trying to dump toys out of the box. Price: $30-$34. Where to buy: This toy can be found at most outlets that sell Fisher Price toys, but can most certainly be found through

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