Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rainforest Nest n' Play Animals by Fisher Price

This is a set of three animal shaped nesting boxes that may be appealing to fairly young infants (3 mo+). Each box is shaped like a jungle animal and has lots of interesting textured surprises for babies & toddlers to explore. The elephant box has crinkly ear and a 3D butterfly and flower stitched to the sides of the box; the lion has a soft mane; and the zebra jingles. There is also a soft monkey that can be put in/taken out of the boxes. Strengths: They are a good size for little hands to grasp and are light weight enough that babies can easily manipulate them. Additionally, this is a quiet toy - no major bells, light, or whistles! Weaknesses: The boxes seem to be made out of a light weight cardboard so they don't seem to be all that durable. Additionally, there is limited play value for the toy because although you can nest the boxes (put them inside one another) they aren't easy to stack. Price: $14-18 Where to Buy: These are available on Amazon.

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