Sunday, November 8, 2009

Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

This is a great tale for preschoolers about a duck who lives on a farm and decides that he will learn how to ride the little boy's bike. Duck starts out slowly, but soon he is zooming past all of the other farm animals. each of the animals think that duck is silly for wanting to ride a bike, until some of the boy's friends come over to play and leave their bikes outside where the animals can find them. Soon the horse, goat, sheep, cow, dog, cat, chicken, two pigs, and a mouse are all riding around with duck. The animals return the bikes before the children find out that the animals have ridden their bikes, but duck has bigger plans. The story ends with him eyeing the tractor! This is a fun and whimsical tale that preschoolers enjoy greatly. Where to Buy: Books by David Shannon are readily available through most children's bookstores.

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