Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amazing Animals Tubtime Tugboat by Fisher Price

This fun little boat and five characters are great for water play with toddlers. The walrus and seahorse both have clicking and poseable joints and soft teething textures. The set also includes a lobster scoop, a fist that squirts water, and an octopus that allows a child to scoop and sprinkle water. There are other pieces of the Tubtime friends line that can be purchased separately. These include a poseable turtle with a scooping crab and a poseable dolphin with a squirting starfish. Strengths: These are cute and engaging characters that children find visually interesting. The fish, lobster, and octopus are especially fun during water play. Weaknesses: Although the walrus and seahorse are cute they have limited play value as water toys. Both are very heavy so they merely sink when placed in the water. If your child likes to hold toys they're great, but if he or she likes more active play, these toys will quickly become old. Price: $17-$20. Where to Buy: The Tubtime Tugboat is available at Toy R Us locations and on-line through Amazon.

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