Friday, November 27, 2009

Ocean Wonders Musical Fishbowl by Fisher Price

This is a great toy for children 8 months+ who like to drop objects into containers, and who eventually will become interested in dumping them out as well. The toy plays three soothing songs, makes calming ocean bubble noises, and lights up when turned on. It also rocks back and forth when the fish are dropped in. This is a simple and great cause-effect toy that helps children learn about the impact of their actions on a object. Strengths: It encourages the development of simple problem solving skills (figuring out how to activate the toy) and motor skills (learning how to grasp and release as well as encouraging sitting/balancing). Weaknesses: Some children tire of the toy quickly, but that's true of most toys. There are very few toys that appeal to every child all of the time. Price: $17-$20. Where to Buy: This toy is available at retailers like Toys R Us, WalMart, Target, and on-line through Amazon or the Fisher Price website (

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