Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Talking on the Go: Everyday Activities to Enhance Speech and Language Development by Dorothy P. Dougherty & Diane R. Paul

This little activity book, written by two Speech-Language Pathologists, is published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. It's an intuitive book that offers practical suggestions on how to engage young children (birth - 5 years) in activities that are designed to enhance speech and language development. The book which is divided into age levels (birth-6 months; 6 months-1 year; 1-2 years; 2-3 years; 3-4 years; and 4-5 years) offers about 16 different activities at each age that can be used with children who are in the process of learning to talk. If you're looking for a book that provides ideas for therapy activities at home for children with specific speech and language disorders, this isn't the book you should look for. But if you want some fun ideas that will help to turn daily activities into opportunities for conversation this book offers fun and simple suggestions.

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