Friday, January 21, 2011

Gyffy the Inflatable Hopping Giraffe by Gymnic

If you have a child who likes to bounce, jump, or generally just be on the move, Gyffy is the giraffe for you! This sturdy rubber giraffe is the perfect toy for an active or sensory seeking child. It is incredibly durable and is actually advertised as being able to hold even adult weight (the box said up to 400 pounds!!!) The basic idea of the toy is that children can sit on Gyffy's back and bounce away the hours, but there is so much more that this adorable friend can do. I've had the children I work with give Gyffy a shaving cream bath, we've bounced him like a ball, sat on him, pretended he was out pillow, and I even have one little fellow who likes to use him as a glorified punching bag! Now a part of every child's therapy session is spent with Gyffy. He has become highly popular with the young children I work with. Strengths: Gyffy is almost indestructible and can keep up with even the most energetic of children. Weaknesses: Because he is made of very sturdy rubber it's easy for a big bounce to carry a small child off in a direction they didn't expect to go. The unpredictability is definitely part of the fun, but I think that it's best to closely monitor play especially with younger children. I also feel that Gyffy's ears, which are meant to hang on to when bouncing, are a little small, but none of my kids seem bothered by that! Gyffy is definitely more fun than a traditional rocking horse and as I've said he has been a big hit in my therapy sessions.

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