Saturday, January 22, 2011

Large Tangiball by Discovery Toys

Finally there is a large Tangiball by Discovery Toys! I've used the smaller, turquoise one for years and have always loved the soft, pliable feel of the ball paired with those wonderful little bumpy knobs that cover the surface. This is an excellent ball for young children who are still in the process of mastering ball skills like catching, kicking, and rolling. It's large enough to aim for but light enough so it's not difficult for little hands to hold. Strengths: Just about everything! I really like this ball and have found it to be a popular play choice for many of the children I work with. Weaknesses: Like the smaller version of the Tangiball this one is scented. The small ball smells like vanilla and most of the children I work with really enjoy that sensory aspect of the toy. This ball smells like strawberry and initially the fragrance can be a bit over whelming. I work with one little boy who is very sensitive to scents and I have to leave this ball outside of my room when I work with him because he gags when it's in the room. He's fine with the vanilla ball, but the strawberry scent seems to be a bit over powering for him. It will probably dissipate in time, but when the ball is new the scent is a bit much.

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