Friday, January 21, 2011

The Sensory Processing Disorder Answer Book by Tara Delaney

For every parent who has ever wondered "Why does my child like to (1)hide in tight spaces, (2) pile all of his toys and blankets of top of himself, or (3) only wear one shirt day after day?" or any other behavior that seems to be related to processing information in the world around them, would find this book to contain a wealth of information about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPA). The Occupational Therapist who wrote the book takes families through understanding what a SPD, recognizing the disorder, getting a diagnosis, finding viable treatment options, and other important aspects of seeing how your child's behavior may meet the criteria for a SPD. A mother of a child I work with actually recommended the book to me and since that time I have shared it with a number of my other families. It's written in family friendly language and offers some very practical suggestions on how to manage a child with SPD and other related disorders.

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