Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monkey Friends Tote by Fisher Price

This is a portable little toy tote that comes with a mama monkey, baby monkey, toucan, and a bunch of bananas. The mama monkey can be posed (legs click into different positions) and the bottom of each paw has a different textured pattern on it. The toucan and baby monkey are just the right size for little hands to grab and shake, and the bananas are a fun addition so you can pretend to feed the monkeys. I have found that infants between about 6-12 months enjoy the toys because they are great to chew on and easy to manipulate, older toddlers like the toys because they can carry them around apply simple play actions to the characters. Strengths: It's a toy that's easy to take with you and it can be used in different ways by children at different ages. Weaknesses: It can be difficult to get all of the animals to fit easily into the tote and sometimes the smaller toys (bananas, toucan, and baby monkey) easily fall out of the opening in the back of the tote.

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